Monday, January 26, 2009


I'm starting to realize that life is getting better with the boys. Sure, it is still hard...really hard at times, but they are so much fun and bring a whole new dimension to life that you never know until you are a parent.

This past weekend was the first one, maybe the first one since they were born, that I truly enjoyed. I got enough sleep, had time to craft, (even had time to open my Etsy shop!) and had some quality time with the hubs...even if I did fall asleep during the movie we rented. It had Daniel Craig in it, so you would think I could have stayed awake, but it was super slow.

Annnnyway. It was a great weekend. Almost better than before we had kids. (Did I say that?!)

We even got our bedroom rearranged, which is a breath of fresh air, even though it still needs major decorating. There is something about having your furniture in a new spot that makes life seem a little more exciting, isn't there? We want to turn our downstairs office into a play room for the boys, but there is one tiny problem. It is our office...full of a computer desk, printer stand, ginormous printer, bookshelf and big cozy chair (that is only being used right now as a giant pet bed for Chloe).

We rearranged our bedroom to fit the computer in there, but it is still going to be tight. Oh the sacrifices we make for our children! I'm excited about the play room though! 1. because it is an excuse to shop at IKEA! and 2. it will mean we can have our adult living room back!

I know people always say not to wish the time you have with your babies away, but I can't wait until they can sit up and entertain each other. That day is coming soon...they are both getting pretty good at sitting up and they are noticing each other more and more. I think the first time they hug each other I'll probably melt into a puddle of happy momma juice. :)

That last comment reminds me of a funny song Dan came up with while we were giving the boys a bath the other day. Landon was in the bouncer after his bath while we got Ben all squeaky clean. He was wrapped in his hooded IKEA towel but of course had squirmed his way out of it. His ginormous baby bell was sticking out, and his drool had created quite a pool in his belly button. Dan noticed the drool pool and called it "belly button soup"...and created quite a song with that same title. There really are no words to describe how much I love his silly songs that he makes up for the boys. He is a wonderful daddy.

Geez I've rambled on far too long. Happy Monday everyone!

Ooh...and I have some new items ready for the shop...once I find the time to take photos and get them listed! Thanks to all of my friends for the positive feedback!

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