Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Just a random post of things today...

Just finished watching the presidential inauguration. Wow...such a huge moment in history and I'm so happy that I could witness it. And the cute little guy that gave the benediction...loved it. :)

Landon sat in the front of the cart yesterday while we did our grocery shopping. Boy did that make me realize how quickly they are growing! And how we need shopping cart seat covers STAT!

We hit a 4/$1 baby food sale yesterday and were so excited. If you were going through 40+ jars a week you would be excited too!

Ben is such a sweet soul. He has started to cuddle more when I'm holding him and burying his head in my shoulder. Sweetest thing ever.

Landon is now doing the army crawl. He isn't quite able to crawl on all fours, but if he wants something bad enough, he'll scoot on his tummy to get there. Time to start baby-proofing!!

Losing my baby belly is going to be harder than I imagined. Damn Hollywood and their unrealistic body image expectations!

I'm working feverishly on items for my new Etsy shop. I can't wait to share them but I'm waiting until I have a good stock to open with. I will post some preview pics soon though!

And here are a few recent pics of the boys. Their personalities are really starting to show and I love it!

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