Thursday, January 15, 2009


The car thermometer had a 2 on it this morning. Just a 2. Yeah...its freaking cold here right now. Makes me want to cuddle up on the couch in my sweats with a cup of hot chocolate and my knitting. I really sound like an old woman, huh? Motherhood has definitely changed me.

But back to my original thought freaking cold it is here! I have been wanting some grey boots since I posted about them months ago, but now that the temperature is taking a nose dive I want them even more! I also really want some boot-ish slippers to run around our cold wooden floors in. I have some cute ballet flat-ish slippers, but they just don't cut it these days, and they slip off when I chasing the boys around in the walker. This weather makes me want to wrap myself head to toe in knitted these random items:

Caramel cowl from BagavondBags

Grey sweater boots from ebay

CUTE sweater slippers from moocowhandknits

And loooove this hat from dahliasoleil
I'm not really a hat girl, but I think I could switch teams for this one.

And just a random observation from the grocery store today. I eat a yogurt almost every day, so I buy a lot of yogurt. Vanilla thick and creamy to be exact. I love the stuff. And it seems like every time I get to the yogurt aisle, there is some schmuck standing in front of all the yogurt, reading every flavor and contemplating which one to choose, like it is a life altering experience. Happened to me today, and a few weeks ago we had to leave the store without my vanilla thick and creamy because said schmuck hogged the yogurt for so long that the boys got fussy and we had to move on. If this happens again I may have to shank someone. (that was for you, Steph.)


hopeful #1 said...

I love all of these things! What a great post!

I hear ya about the yogurt thing too! My problem like this usually occurs in the Milk aisle. You don't have too many choices but (for the LOVE,) I always get stuck behind someone that can't decide between 1% and 2% and their cart always ends up in my way... grrrr!

half of vamh said...

AH! That hat!! You need it!

And wth..we have the same yogurt schmuck here too!?

angiesparkles said...

Hi Mandy :)

In regards to the sweater boots- they sell beige and black ones at wal-mart that I find adorable and own :) A very wise $20 investment in my life...even if my husband loathes them. :)

Mandy said...

Oooh...thanks Angie! I'll have to go look!! I detest Walmart but they do have some good bargains!:)

TheRightWife said...

I love the grey boots! And that hat is cute (but similar to you, I am not a hat person at all).

Angela said...

The yogurt schmuck used to be at my grocery store... I haven't seen him in a while, he must have moved north!


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