Friday, January 02, 2009


I finished my first scarf and I just have to show it off. I'm so proud!

I kept it short and added two wooden toggles to keep it nice and snug around my neck. Thanks to you tube I found a video to teach me how to finish it off. The instructions that came with the loom just said to "knit it off the loom", which was not any help to a novice like me. What would we do without you tube?!

Wore it today to work and it is really cozy. Already started on my next one and I'm trying a ribbed pattern with some really pretty green and blue fuzzy yarn. I'll post pics once I have something to show! :)

Oh...and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


Aly said...

Mandy! It's fabulous!! I love love love it!! You must be sooooo excited!

Janelle said...

Oh, my gosh you just made me so glad I read your blog! I knew there was a thing such as a knitting loom. My 9yr old want to learn how and I have no idea. I love the scarf. The toggles on the end are so cute. I've never seen one made that way. See another reason I read your blog all the crafty ideas you post. Thanks! Happy 2009

Mandi said...

haha I too use You Tube to learn how to do things. I'm no good at understanding directions with nobody to help me *see* it.

Claudie said...

Dear Mandy
I just had to come and see how special one was to have won Daisy's give away. Twins oh how wonderful.
Happy New Year
Claudie from Canada
I do use my blogger account therefor:

Claudie said...

Sorry I DO NOT use my blogger account.

Twitterpated Moments said...

You tube is how I learned most of my crochet stitches.
It looks great! Although, how you find time is a wonder. ;)

G+D said...

So cute, Mandy! I love it!


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