Thursday, July 30, 2009


Last week on our way to Kentucky to see my Grandaddy, my Mom asked me if there was something special that I would like to put in his casket. Not a wonderful or desirable thing to think about, but when my Dad's parents both passed away, we put special mementos in both of their caskets that reminded us of our times shared with them.

For Grandaddy, I knew right away what I wanted to include. Without hesitation I told her, "an arrowhead." She knew right away why that was my first choice.

When I was young, probably about 8 years old, I collected rocks. Don't ask me how that hobby started, but I was VERY into it, and was always super excited when we went to the rock shop at Metamora so I could add to my collection.

On one of our trips to Lexington to see Grandmother and Grandaddy, we went to a local mall and there was a rock show going on. I can't remember if we went to the mall specifically for the rock show, but I remember how excited I was about going.

While we were looking around at all of the rocks, fossils and petrified what-not, Grandaddy leaned over to me, and aske me in his thick Kentucky accent, "Would you like an airhead for your collection sweetheart?"

"An airhead?" I asked. "What's an airhead?"

"You know, an airhead!" Grandaddy said, as he pointed to one of these...

"Ahhhh! An arrowhead!" I finally understood what he meant. We all had a good laugh about Grandaddy's "airheads" and to this day it is one of my most favorite memories of him.

I will probably find a nice photo of the two of us to put in his casket, but I'm most excited about the airhead.


Stephanie said...

*hugs* I'm sorry to hear about your granddaddy :-(

I did the same thing with my grandpa when he passed at Thanksgiving. He always loved chocolate, so we got him a giant Hershey's bar for his casket. It was really nice to know we sent him to heaven with his favorite treat :-)

Mandy said...

That is so sweet Stephanie!

Carrie Zapfe said...

And I will be leaving a little statue of a garden gnome, because Grandaddy had me convinced the little creatures had a colony in the shrubs outside their front porch...great memories...and I remember the "airhead" story quite well.

Mandy said...

:) I love that Carrie!


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