Friday, July 31, 2009


I have a few things on my wish list for our kitchen/family room right now. One of them being a brand new kitchen, but others that are more realistic and attainable. :)

The room is very dark right now...our furniture is chocolate brown, carpet (blech) is dark, cabinets (blech x 2) are also dark. I want to lighten up the space sooo much.

I love these pillow covers from Etsy shop SaSeaBoutique.

They would be the perfect thing to lighten up our brown couch, and bring in the light blue I love.

I also realllly want these nesting herb crates from The Lettered Cottage Home shop.

They are so lovely in her home, and I think they would look really great hanging by our back door. I would of course copy exactly what she has in them because how can you improve on perfection?!

I also want to paint our fireplace brick white and add a new mantle. It isn't much to look at currently...

Sherry and John from Young House Love prove what painting brick can do for a room.

Love this before and after...

One big improvement we will hopefully be making VERY soon is putting a new floor down in there. As if I didn't hate the carpet enough, we've had a few baby puke episodes on it lately, which, even after a good steam cleaning, have brought my hatred of that carpet to an even higher level. We're hoping that we can afford wood, but we may have to go with laminate. It is almost 500 square feet in there, so it will be a costly project, but soooo worth it. Stay tuned!

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Elizabeth Keiper said...

We put down a light-colored laminate in our townhouse, and I absolutely loved it! It seems much easier to clean and to not scratch it than hardwood. When we moved into our current house, most of the entire house already had hardwood floors. I like both, but if you have to do really is nice with young kiddos and looks really good too!


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