Thursday, November 19, 2009

{go lurkers!}

Wow! 19 comments yesterday - go lurkers! :) But seriously it was so nice to hear from those of you that don't regularly comment and you all had so many sweet things to say about why you visit my blog. So thank you! I'll take some time to reply to your questions in a few days - there are some good ones!

Busy day at work today so I don't have anything too eloquent to share. But I DO have some fun photos! I received the CD of pictures from our family photoshoot that my friend Laura did a few weeks ago and boy am I in love. She is one seriously talented girl!

Here are a few of my favorites - it was hard to narrow them down...

IMG_5980 by you.

IMG_5993 by you.

IMG_6006 by you.

IMG_5984 by you.

IMG_5989 by you.

IMG_5851 by you.

IMG_5817 by you.

IMG_5807 by you.

IMG_5775 by you.

IMG_6021 by you.

IMG_5950 by you.

IMG_5940 by you.

IMG_5733 by you.

OK, so I didn't do a good job narrowing them down afterall. :)

Happy Thursday Friends!

Only one more sleep til Friday!


CZ said...

LOVE your photos! Ya'll look gorgeous and so happy. L&B are just so precious.

E said...

I didn't get a chance to comment yesterday, but I've been reading your blog for quite some time! I remember you from the nest and found your blog through All things G&D, I think! Anyway, I love reading about your little boys - I have a Ben too, only 2 months older, so I can relate to a lot!

Love the fall pictures!

h.Lo said...

These are amazing! =)


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