Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Last night was the first time our dining room has ever been presentable enough for a photo session.

Our new china cabinet is sitting proudly, filled with my collection of milk glass and a few jadeite pieces, new curtain rods and panels are hung, and the dining room table is actually free of diapers, wipes, graham cracker crumbs and miscellaneous junk all pushed to the center (you parents of toddlers know what that is about). I even picked up all of the boys' toys off the floor just for the occasion.

(*please excuse the dark photos - I had to wait until after the boys were asleep and couldn't risk turning on all the lights :)

I had so much fun unwrapping my collection and finding the perfect arrangement. I have quiet a few pieces that my Grandmother passed down to me, so getting to look at those again on a daily basis makes me feel closer to her.

My next project is to drag out all of our framed photos and other wall decor and dress the room up. But for now, I'm very happy that the room looks like a cozy part of our home.

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Hamlett Daily Dose said...

Wow, that looks great!! I love your milkglass collection. It's so pretty!


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