Tuesday, November 03, 2009

{Halloween Fun}

I feel like a lame Mom. I didn't dress my children up for Halloween this year (or last year for that matter, although they looked darn cute in their Halloween themed outfits).

No cows or bees or chickens or other farm animals. No cowboys or Thomas the Train. Blame it on a mixture of life being too busy and my brain being too full.

We had every intention of dressing the boys up like these studly guys...


Pretty funny, huh?

But time began to run out, the weather was going to be super chilly, and the boys don't even eat candy yet. Not that I really care when people bring their babies that can't eat candy to my door, but something about it just felt wrong to me. I know - I'm waaaaay too worried about what other people think.

Anyway...we decided to stay at home, invite the grandparents over and have a pizza party. Grandma and Grandma got them some fun treats, so the night still had a bit of excitement. And I at least got them some cute Halloween t-shirts to wear so I didn't feel like a total loser Mom.

Oooh - what's in the bag?!

CIMG2197 by you.
Tissue paper! My favorite!

CIMG2195 by you.

Landon loving on his new black cat...

CIMG2199 by you.


CIMG2209 by you.

And more cookies!

CIMG2211 by you.

Any more goodies in there?

CIMG2217 by you.

This is way better than walking outside in the cold for candy from strangers!

CIMG2218 by you.

Let me help you put your stuff back in your bag...

CIMG2220 by you.

Look what I got!

CIMG2221 by you.

Oh yeah...did I mention we got cookies?!

CIMG2223 by you.

Landon and Nana Patti

CIMG2227 by you.

Let's play try to knock Nana over by crawling through her legs!

CIMG2233 by you.

Landon and Grandpa Jim

CIMG2247 by you.

Ben and Grandma Joyce

CIMG2245 by you.

Double the Grandma fun!

CIMG2239 by you.

It was a fun night and much more relaxing than toting two toddlers around in 30 degree weather.

I promise next year I will do costumes. Promise!

1 comment:

Angela said...

The picture of Landon hugging the black cat is about the cutest thing I've ever seen! Love them!


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