Tuesday, June 22, 2010

{coming together}

If you read my design blog, you have already heard this news, but of course I have to share it here as well.

My milkglass has a new home.

And isn't she lovely?

new {old} china cabinet by you.

right at home by you.

vintage love by you.

Thank you Craigslist!

We picked up this beauty for $90 (plus an almost four hour car ride, but it was totally worth it).

I really love the mix of my milkglass, jadite, a few cute owls (that once had a home in the boys' nursery), my blue fiberboard suitcases, and retro clock. The whole arrangement just makes me smile. :)

Next treasure hunt is for new (or new to us) dining room chairs...our current ones are just too "cottage". Our table is very traditional as well, but it was my Grandparents', so I'm hoping I can make it work with modern chairs. IKEA has some that I'm in love with...

My current fave:

And maybe two of these at the ends of the table to add some texture:

Or these:

Or maybe Craigslist will come through for us again...I would love a set like this:

Or these beauties (if anyone has a spare $2,800 laying around...)

The room has a lot of dark wood going on now though, so I'm leaning toward white chairs. It will be fun to see what we can find!

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