Friday, June 25, 2010


You know the saying, "they come in threes?"

I know, it is usually related to sad events, but for me it has been true for our dining room furniture hunt. You already know about our first two Craigslist finds that have gotten us well on our way to a midcentury modern space.

And here is #3...

An entire dining set for $100. You heard me right folks. $100! Seriously?!

The chairs are what have me drooling. The design of the back is perfectly midcentury. And I can just picture the seats upholstered with a fun fabric like one of these...

I'm especially in love with this faux bois print from Joel Dewberry:

And while we don't NEED the table, it is pretty amazing, and if it was as gorgeous in person it would cause quite a delimma for me, as I'm strongly attached to our current table, an heirloom from my Dad's parents. (you can see it in my last post)

And we really do need two more chairs, but I love the look of two different styles of chair so we could find two for the ends of the table to complement them.

It may be time for another road trip courtesy of Craigslist!


Kim said...

I totally agree with you....I love those chairs. Can't wait to see what you end of doing with them. :)

h.Lo said...

These are awesome! They would definitely flow with your new hutch too.

Hey, can you send me your email so I can invite you to read my blog (since I'm locking it up)? My address is Thanks! =)


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