Wednesday, June 23, 2010

{Where's Big Boy?}

You all know there wildly popular "Where's Waldo" book series, right?

Well, my good friend Beth pointed out that lately, pictures from my house have been like a newer version, that we like to call "Where's Big Boy?"

Can you find him?

Patti's camera pics 084 by you.

Cool gas pump by you.

He is helping me figure out how to decorate the dining room here... (yes, I know BB, we desperately need a rug...)

He is always taunting us with that darn plastic hamburger!

100_5875 by you.

This one is a rare appearance of Big Boy AND his evil twin...

Big Boy is always watching... (and you thought it was big brother, didn't you? :)


Jenna said...

Haha, too funny! I love the Big boy!

One Pork Chop said...


I love Big Boy! He's so sneaky!

Marcia said...


mandie lane said...

That is funny stuff, Mandy. What a CREEP!


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