Thursday, January 05, 2012

{DIY or buy}

We all know that I love a good DIY project. But with the demands of being a full time working mom, lately I just don't have the energy to make stuff. Which totally bums me out by the way. But life is crazy right now, and I have to cut myself some slack, right?

Enter one of my latest obsessions...

The starburst mirror.

I reeeeeally really want one to hang over our record player cabinet in the dining room.

Yeah...I'm already over my funky gallery wall. I want to simplify.

There are TONS of DIY starburst mirrors in blogland right now. Just search on Pinterest and you will find a nice array, from ones made with shims, others with dowel rods, and even versions using free paint sticks. Here are a few DIY ones that I've pinned...

All of these are very affordable projects and probably wouldn't take that much time. But do I have the energy? Especially when Hobby Lobby has a really gorgeous wood one that I could snag when the mirrors are 50% off.

So what would you do?

DIY or buy?

Remember I'm a 8-5 working girl with two insane three year olds at home. :)

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Kathleen said...

I love the second one with the skinny rays.

Beauprez Family said...

I've secretly been wanting that second to last silver sun burst mirror!! I recently spray painted a lamp base silver do I'm dying to add a touch more of silver!! I love the one you bought also.


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