Monday, July 16, 2012

{broken glass and salsa, anyone?}

If our weekend could be defined in one word, "mess" would about cover it.

It all started off innocently enough with a game of "hit the oversized balloon around the family room" with the boys on Friday evening. We have a ceiling fan in there, and after the balloon hit it a few times, I warned the boys to avoid it.

And then what does Ben do two seconds later?

Hit the balloon directly at the fan. Yep.

It knocked the light cord up into one of the glass shades and shattered it. Fun times.

Thankfully, no one was hurt. But there were two little boys in time out for awhile.

Then, later that evening, my hubby was preparing a yummy bowl of queso dip. For some reason, he felt the need to shake up the bottle of salsa, from which he had already removed the lid. {this is a TOTAL Mandy move, by the way}

His shirt, and our entire kitchen floor, looked like a massacre had happened between a bunch of tomatoes, onions and peppers.

I wish I had taken a photo.

But since I didn't, let's pretend this is him and not some college frat guy...and add a lot of salsa to his shirt...

It was gruesome. And smelly. But praise the Lord he had enough salsa left in the jar to make his queso...after going through an entire roll of paper towels and a mopping session.

Fast forward to Saturday when we took a fun family trip out of town to Target and stopped into Marshall's afterward. Fun, right?

I spotted an adorable white owl vase that was $6...

So, of course, it went into my cart.

Until the little stinker decided to fly the coop {thanks for the funny analogy Meagan}, and slipped through the leg opening in the front of the cart. I was totally caught off guard by the loud shattering noise, and at first looked around to see what poor soul had dropped something.

Then I looked at my feet, saw thousands of white ceramic owl pieces, and realized it was ME.

Whaaa whaaaa whaaaaa

And it didn't help my embarrassment when two old enough to know better men laughed ridiculously loudly at me from across the store. I mean really, guys?! Where was their mother?

I have to add that the Marshall's sales associate that helped me clean it up was SO nice though. She even searched the store for replacement for me, but it was the only one. *sigh*

So that was our messy weekend in a nutshell. Or, if you will, a broken glass and ceramic nutshell filled with salsa. At least we made it through without breaking a mirror!

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Nicky said...

good grief. whatta week! I'm the most sad over the owl... boo!

Hang in there! Nicky

Steph @ Crafting in the Rain said...

I'm with Nicky--so sad about the owl! But the glass and salsa are pretty bad too. Um, in college I once ate some chocolate cake off the floor after it fell all out of the fridge :) BTW--new blog look is great! Mine's close to being done!


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