Friday, June 12, 2009

{decisions, decisions}

So the hubby and I are *desperate* to replace the flooring in our kitchen/family room. It is horrid carpet...yes, I said carpet. In the kitchen. We rented a steam cleaner to deep clean it a month or so ago but it still feels dirty, not to mention the fact that all sorts of stuff falls on it when we are cooking and the boys are rolling around on it. It totally grosses us out.

The hard decision is, do we do the whole room in the same flooring, or do carpet in the family room area and transition to hardwood/laminate in the kitchen area? We're leaning toward option 2, since the boys are so mobile and it would be nice to have soft carpet underneath them for all of the spills they are taking lately. (Did I mention they are BOTH walking now?!)

My good friend Beth created these two ideas for me for the transition from the carpet to the wood flooring. I'm leaning toward the 1st one because I like the 90 degree angle, but the 2nd one is kind of fun. What do you think? (Don't you just love her photo-shopped trashcan and shoes?)


*Sam* said...


Beth said...

You know I like 2 the best! :)

laura said...

definitely #2!!


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