Wednesday, June 17, 2009

{little men}

The boys are officially toddlers now, and they have the big boy hair cuts to go with that new status. Their Aunt Faith came over this past weekend to give them much needed trims. Ben had already had his first haircut, thanks to my awesome snipping skills (joking of course), but his mullet had already come back in full force, and Landon's hair was just long all over. Faith did a great job...they look like such little men now!

Daddy's cell phone is the best distraction!

Who should I call next?

Cute but not happy

Holy long hair!

I can help Aunt Faith!

Almost done!

TaDa! So cute!

Two devastatingly handsome boys :)

1 comment:

Allison aka Half of VAMH said...

lol -- these pics are adorable!


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