Friday, June 19, 2009

{eye candy}

I wanted to share a few more lovely inspiration pictures I have saved for the house.

Kitchens of course. I'm obsessed with open shelving and can just picture it in our kitchen.

Bathrooms. Our half bath is screaming for a makeover and I'm dying to do a clean cottage look in there.

And laundry rooms! I actually have one now and I soooo want to redecorate in there. The blue walls and cheesy laundry themed wallpaper border have!

Now if only I had the funds to support all of these lovely projects! A girl can dream...


Dancing Phalanges 11:48 AM  

So, why don't you just rip the cabinet doors off the kitchen cabinets and then maybe stain the cabinets to a color you like better? My mother actually modified the cabinet doors with a wire mesh screen and they turned out pretty neat! It probably wouldn't cost too much...

I LOVE the last laundry room you listed! It looks just like my laundry room (dimensions I mean) and gave me some great ideas!

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