Monday, July 19, 2010

{love list}

It is Monday and I'm dreaming about Friday already.

How about I share some a few items on my love list to brighten up that case of the Mondays?

1. Suave Rosemary Mint Shampoo

I love all things mint scented, and I was super excited to discover that Suave now has a rosemary mint scented shampoo and conditioner line! Even better...I had a coupon for a free bottle so I picked up a guilt-free treat at Meijer yesterday. I used it this morning and the scent was a nice little shower pick me up.

2. Eric Hutchinson

Thanks to Pandora I discovered this guy's music and I'm in love. If you are a fan of Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson or Mat Kearney, you will love Eric.

3. Dove Dark Chocolate

These are my little daily indulgence. I keep them on hand at all times and stash a few in my purse for during the work day. Bonus - each wrapper has a fun quote inside to inspire you...or just remind you to keep eating chocolate. Either way its a winner.

4. Toy Story 1 & 2

Who would have thought that a movie could bring so much excitement to the eyes of a toddler. Woody, Buzz, Bullseye, Slink, Zurg...those are all common words around our house these days. And I love how Landon's Buzz sounds more like "Fuzz".

But can I just say that telling your son to give his brother his "Woody" just doesn't sound right. Who named that character anyway?

5. Yarn

Photo courtesy of elsie*cake

I have been a knitting fool lately and I'm loving all of the colors and textures of yarn available. Oh what I wouldn't do for Elsie's stash pictured above! I love how I can turn a long string into a hat or a scarf. (I'm working on some great items for my Etsy shop update!)

Happy Monday everyone!


Kristin said...

I hear ya. Is it really 5 days away??

Beth Ann said...

I am checking Eric Hutchinson out right now. I love the other three artist, so hopefully Eric will be as good!

Kris said...

Im a big fan of that chocolate. I really want to see the third toy story. love the others!


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