Wednesday, July 21, 2010

{the reality tour}

So I've noticed a few blogs lately posting pictures of how their house really looks now that they have babies. Now no offense to those who shall not be named, but I don't buy it. Even when our house is cleaned up, it still doesn't look as magazine ready as these homes do in their so called "keeping it real" shots.

So I'm going to lay it all out there and share what our house looks like on a daily basis. No staging folks. I didn't touch a thing...just started snapping.

This is where the bulk of the carnage happens...

well loved family room by you.

I must say that I love these close up shots of their toys. There is so much meaning behind these piles of matchbox cars and crayons.

colors by you.

Ready to ride...

wheels by you.

War zone / car dealership...

cars and soldiers by you.

Double trouble with velcro straps...

double trouble by you.

This is where we crash with the boys first thing in the morning to watch cartoons. ..

place to crash by you.

And this corner is where all of the molded plastic toys hang out.... you can grill a fake hamburger and fill up your trike with gas. What more could you want?
corner chaos by you.

How's this for keeping it real people? :)


Jenna said...

hey, how did you get pictures of my house?! ;)

{eleise} said...

Your little guy is too cute for words!!

Helsbells said...

I still think your house is really tidy!!


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