Tuesday, June 21, 2011

{8 hours}

I had the house to myself for 8 hours yesterday.

And I made a big mess...

That's right friends, I got a day alone at the house to scrapbook and drink coffee, among other lovely things.

It might sound odd, but I struggled with being alone for that long. I used to sit in my scrapbook room {yes, I had a scrapbook room*} for hours and work on pages, but for the past three years my life has been so full and busy that taking this much time for myself feels weird and selfish. But I pushed through the weirdness and finished quite a few pages. Here are a some of my favorites...

Huge thanks to my hubby for taking the boys to their Gigi's house for the day so I could create. Yeah...he's a keeper. :)

*And just for nostalgia's sake...here was my scrapbooking space in our first house...

It was a little piece of heaven.

Did you create anything over the weekend? Please share!

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DianeTaylor said...

Amazing work as usual Mandy - and I love the fact that you had coffee in the picture :) I am a coffee snob and just adore a good cup, no matter what is happening.

I also love that new rug - I live within 5 minutes of an Ikea - it is like heaven to me!


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