Tuesday, June 28, 2011

{flower re-arranging}

Last weekend when I had my 8 hours of crafty bliss, I got a sweet surprise at the front door...

Flowers from my Mom!

I immediately wanted to take out the lovely daisies and other yellow flowers and add them to the mantle with my new chalkboard...

The rest of the flowers {and there were a lot in that little basket!} made it into two of my milk glass pieces on the dining room table...

I enjoyed the flowers so much more this way...and it didn't hurt to get an issue of BHG in the mail that day as well! 

Do you keep fresh flowers around the house?It is amazing how a few blooms can really cheer up a space.

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Linda Z 12:38 PM  

My hubby brings me lots of colorful flower combos... they are so pretty. Your flowers are so beautiful, and your chalkboard is so cute. I love the sayings you put on it!

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