Friday, May 04, 2012

{instagram friday}

Friday, oh how I love you. :) Time to link up with...

life rearranged

Since I've been a bit picture happy lately I'll just pick a few of my faves from the past week...

I baked. From scratch. Seriously. *Recipe here* I added frozen blueberries. Yum.

SO excited about how the boys' birthday party invites turned out this year. Oh if I could do this stuff for a living!

DIY art project that I started on last weekend. Hoping to finish it this weekend!

A trip to Meijer is never complete without a pony ride. :)

Embellishing finished hats for a craft fair I'm doing on the 15th.

Trying to eat better breakfasts...I had this four days out of five this work week.

Landon loooves to wash his hands. The more batman soap, the better.

Found this really cool tree root on a walk around the neighborhood.

Iced grande decaf non-fat 5 pump vanilla latte. Yum.

What has your week looked like?

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Jason and Charity Palmer said...

vanilla latte, yum! and your breakfast choice looks delish also. looking forward to perusing your blog!

Milena said...

If you could do that for a living?You're so talented!
Of course you can! I'm about to start my business for cards and invitations and I said that for years until one day I decided to not be afraid!! I love all your pictures :) can I see more photos of the birthday cards for the boys?


Jodi said...

You are so crafty! I'm impressed... especially by those awesome invites! And I want your drink ;)

Courtney Fillmore said...

LOVE those invites!! Did you take the photos on them? Cute blog by the way :)

Mandy @ This Girl's Life said...

@Charity - thanks so much for stopping by! I love new visitors. :)

@Milena - thank you for your sweet compliment! It made my day. :) I'll be sharing the invite when I do a summary of the boys' party for sure. Can you wait about a month? :)

And thanks @Jodi and @Courtney...loving all of this encouragement today!

Denise said...

5 pumps of vanilla! wow, and i thought i took mine sweet. nice.


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