Wednesday, May 09, 2012

{thoughts on mother's day}

With Mother's Day coming up on Sunday I'm feeling a bit nostalgic. It will be my 4th year {5 if you count the year I was 9 months pregnant} to celebrate motherhood, and looking back to see how far I've come and how far we've come as a family is pretty mind blowing.

I wish I could go back and tell the mother of newborn twins me how amazingly fun parenthood would be.

How filling your heart until it feels like it can't hold anymore love it will be.

How there will come a day when you'll have time to put on your makeup, dry AND CURL your hair, go shopping alone without feeling guilty, and feel good about your body again.

Because that time is now and these past four years have molded me into a person that I never thought I would be and I am so grateful for that.

Would I want to go through that first year again?

Not really, to be honest. :)

Although now I would at least know how to change a diaper.

Goodness how blessed I am to be the mom of two smart, beautiful boys who blow my mind everyday with the things they do and say. What a journey it has been.

From my first unofficial Mother's Day, when the boys were still holding up shop in my ginormous belly {I had over three weeks to go here!}...

To my first real celebration...

To #2 where they were a bit hard to wrangle for a photo...

And #3...

I can't wait to add a photo for #4.

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ceramic tile grout said...

Twins!What a happy home.
And I found a fact that you are coming prettier year by year.


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