Friday, May 25, 2012

{instagram friday}

The weekend is almost here friends! It will be a long one for me...5 days to be exact! Of course Monday is a holiday, and Wednesday is the boys' 4th birthday so I decided to extend the weekend so we can celebrate a lot more with them. Plus it will give me time to prepare everything for the birthday party next weekend. The Ford house will be superhero central! :)

Linking up again today with Life Rearranged for Insta-Friday...

life rearranged

So here's what my past week looked like through my little camera lens...

1. My favorite color combo
2. "Real Italian" for superhero capes
3. Mouth full of breadstick
4. A squirrel button hat for a very special squirrel loving mom-to-be
5. Checking out the neighbor's flowers
6. Some days drying my hair just isn't in the cards

1. Awesome paper straws for the boys' birthday party
2. Melvin is always at my feet these days
3. A late night date with the treadmill
4. Beautiful skies
5. Watch out bad guys
6. A smoothie for dinner to combat my McDonald's lunch

Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!

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1 comment:

Denissa said...

The straws are adorable! Happy birthday to your cuties :) love your blog header!
have a great weekend!


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