Thursday, May 24, 2012

{Starbucks iced coffee at home}

It is no secret that I love coffee.

And now that the weather has warmed up here in Hoosier land, I'm craving iced coffee nearly 24/7. My drink of choice is a {ready for this?} grande iced decaf non-fat 6-pump vanilla latte.


But I don't have the moohlah to run to Starbucks whenever I please to drop $4.50 on one. So I decided to put together a quick and easy iced "latte" of my own at home...

All you need are three ingredients...

1. A Starbucks Via iced coffee packet
2. Coffee-mate vanilla creamer {or your favorite brand/flavor}
3. Cold water and lots of ice

I began by filling my mug up about 1/2 full with cold water, and then added about 3/4 of the Starbucks Via packet and mixed it up. Then I added the vanilla creamer until it was the light brown color of my perfect mug of coffee {I like a little coffee with my creamer}. Finally I filled the mug up the rest of the way with ice cubes.

Then I popped in a straw, and took it to the patio to relax with my favorite orange cat and a new bottle of nail polish...

Do you have a favorite warm weather drink?

Tell me about it...and better yet...leave the recipe in the comments so we can try it!

Starbucks VIA Ready Brew, Italian Roast
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1 comment:

Mandy said...

yum! love a good iced coffee drink. i'm trying to perfect an iced caramel latte. found caramel syrup at the dollar tree!


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