Tuesday, May 27, 2014

{illuminated sun rays}

Hello friends! 

I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing holiday weekend.

My absolute favorite time from the extended break was Sunday, when we spent a good deal of the day at my parent's house, which also happens to be where I grew up.

They purchased the home before I was born, so a lot of my history lives within those walls, and in the grass surrounding them. 

As sentimental as I am, I haven't felt a strong attachment to that house for quite a few years. But there was something about Sunday that felt so soothing, being there.
And taking the boys there feels even more special.

We spent most of the day in their garden and yard, enjoying the cool spring breezes while the boys played baseball and camped out under a card table covered with sheets.

They were so occupied that I was able to tuck myself away inside the garden fence and do some drawing.
Their garden hasn't changed a great deal since I was a teenager, although I sure have. 

I used to spend lazy summer days laying out on the gravel pathway in my bikini, with my walkman {yes...I'm that old} and a bottle of sunscreen. 

Sunday I plopped myself down in a brown plastic adirondack chair, wearing a great deal more clothing, soaking in the sounds of nature and five-year-old giggles and the warm breeze on my skin, pen and paper in hand.

Although I would love to have that bikini body back, I wouldn't trade the past twenty years of experiences I've added to this aged frame of mine.
Everything has so much more depth and meaning now.
Sun rays illuminated by fire pit smoke take on a new level of beauty.

S'more making is more than just an approved way to consume chocolate AND marshmallows in one sitting...
Flowers and concrete statues are opportunities for faux photo shoots...
And twenty years later, a paper plate marked with melted Hershey bar, charred marshmallow and graham cracker crumbs carries with it a host of new meanings and memories...
Thankful for that day times one million.

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Alyson McMahon said...

Oh, this is so sweet. It makes me miss my childhood home, the one that I can't go back to because my parents don't live there. The fact that now your boys get to play there and you get to enjoy it in an adult way is so neat.

Mandy Ford said...

Thanks Alyson - I realized how much I take it for granted when we were there Sunday. It was the first time we've been there in so long that we've been able to enjoy being outside. The weather was perfect!

Crystal said...

Love his photo shoot! Sweet post!


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