Thursday, May 15, 2014

{sitting next to God}

Landon was sick when we picked him up from school on Monday.

Legitimately sick.

He had a fever and the poor guy threw up once. But after passing out on the couch like a frat boy who had way too many beers {shirtless, sprawled across the cushions}, he seemed on the mend the next morning. 

He went through the school day on Tuesday just fine, but on Wednesday I got a call around 11:00 saying that he was sick and needed to be picked up. 

His belly hurt.

But I could tell when I picked him up that he was fine. At least physically. 

We went home and made a little camp out on the couch with his pillow, favorite blanket, and the old calculator I gave him to play with the other day...
He is in LOVE with this calculator. It is solar which makes it even more cool than other toys of the battery-powered variety. 

He didn't have a temperature or display any other signs of illness so I asked him a bunch of questions about school, worried that someone was being mean to him. After a little prying I realized that he was just anxious...missing home and the comforts of being with mom and dad. 

Oh how I know that anxiety. I still have it, and it makes my belly hurt as well. 

I've come up with some fail-proof methods to dispel it from my brain and my intestinal area... 

Deep breaths.

It hurts my heart to think that my precious almost six-year-old little boy is feeling that way.

So last night as the boys were splashing together in the tub {those days are numbered}, he started to tear up and tell me he didn't want to go to school tomorrow. I gave him a little pep talk and explained what I do when I'm anxious or sad. 

I told him to take a deep remember that Ben is with look to his teacher for help. 

"AND tomorrow is gum day!" I reminded him. "You can't miss that."

And then I told him to say a little prayer if he wanted, because God would be with him and help him.

He looked at me a bit surprised, like that sounded too easy.

Even though we talk about God often and how he is always with us, that is a hard concept for a five-year-old brain. Especially Landon' little daydreamer. His head is always up in the clouds so you would think God would be an easy concept for him. ;) tiny it right away. Yes! God is around us like the wind! Like a friendly ghost!

"I think God is sitting beside you right now, Momma!" he said. 

I was kneeling next to the bathtub, knees damp from the towel I put down to catch their drips and splashes, edges of my sleeves wet from pouring buckets of water over their heads to rinse off the shampoo suds. 

"Yes," I told him. "God is definitely sitting beside me right now." 

Aren't we lucky that He shows up in the ordinary places? 

I have a feeling He is sitting next to Landon at lunch today. 

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Gallegos Newsletter said...

What a great way to look at things...I love the comment that God is around us like the wind...I think sometimes we forget that our guys (my grandson is 5)are still just so little. Life moves so fast and sometimes we just need a break...

seizethesparkle said...

So sweet... :) Glad you were able to help dispel his worries!

Crystal said...

Sweet. And for whatever reason, this made me cry in a good way ;) Hope he's feeling better!

DianeTaylor said...

Bless his heart - I remember that anxious feeling too. I hope God shows up at Landon's side and does something reaaaallllllly cool. Praying for him!

Love this post btw.....


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