Wednesday, May 28, 2014

{put down your camera phone}

Have you ever met snarky Mandy?

If not, accompany me to my boys' next school program, and you will have the pleasure of her acquaintance. 

This morning the boys had their kindergarten awards program, and eyes were rolling and the sighs were coming out left and right. Just ask my hubby. Poor guy. 

Before I get too deep with the snark, let me say that this rant is in no way a slam on my boys' school, teachers or principal. I truly love their school and have been amazed at what they have learned this year and how they've grown.

But with that said, I have found nothing more annoying as a school parent than sitting through an elementary school program.

More specifically, sharing a room with all of the other parents at an elementary school awards programs.

And their cell phone cameras.

Don't get me wrong, I loooove taking photos of my kids, but sitting through an elementary school awards program makes me wish the camera phone had never been invented. 


In the middle of the audience.

Because there is nothing more annoying than having someone block your already horrible view of your children by standing up to take a zillion low quality iPhone photos of their five year old being handed a piece of paper....and sitting criss-cross-apple-sauce on the cafeteria floor...and standing in line...and breathing. You get where I'm going with this. 

Here are the two photos I took of the boys when they received their awards {while staying firmly planted in my seat}...
This was with the highest zoom possible on my camera, because the kids were an entire cafeteria length away from the parents. 

Unless you had your DSLR with a zoom lens, you might as well sit back down and wait for all 105 kids to receive their certificates. Yep...105. I think it is lovely that they were all recognized...but 105 kids is A LOT. Especially at 8 am when you haven't had breakfast OR coffee yet. 


So to the grandma in front of me who couldn't help herself, I sincerely hope your zillion phone photos turned out way better than mine. 

And next time I'll learn to sit on the aisle.

P.S. I snapped this photo of the boys in their classroom afterward... 
Much better. :)

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Laurie Gallamore said...

I completely agree. It's crazy! I have learned to put my phone camera down, enjoy the moment watching them, and get a picture afterwards too. Your boys are adorable!
Laurie @ Gallamore West

SJ Rueppel said...

You had me at criss-cross-applesauce... I'm glad I wasn't drinking coffee, or it would now be residing all over my monitor! Cute kiddos!!!


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