Thursday, May 29, 2014

{six birthdays}

The boys are turning 6 tomorrow {!!!}, so I thought it would be fun to share a recap of their first five birthdays. 

I've had so much fun each year with the themes, and you'll see that for #3 and #4 I reallllly got into it. Although I've still enjoyed planning their parties the past two years, I've toned down the amount of work I put into it to save my sanity. 

This year is a camping theme complete with a big teepee, nature scavenger hunt and s'more cupcakes. We're having the party at the park for the first time which the boys are really excited about. I'm excited because I don't have to worry about the house being clean. ;)

Here are their first through fifth birthdays, with links to each post, {or photos for #5 because I was lame last year and forgot to blog about their party}...

First - Circus
Second - Rock Star 
Third - Despicable Three
Fourth - Super Heroes
Fifth - Dinosaurs

Let's see if I can remember to blog about #6!

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Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I love all your parties so much!

And I can't believe I didn't see your rock star party before when I was planning for Henry's. So cute!

Can't wait to see the camping theme. Such a great theme.

Kim said...

Six already! I remember reading your blog when they were born. Happy Birthday Ben and Landon. You throw great parties and they will have these memories forever!


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