Tuesday, May 20, 2008

{37 weeks}

Holy cow! I really can't believe that I'm 37 weeks today. If the doctor keeps his word, and the babies don't come on their own, they will induce me next week! I really don't feel like they are going to come on their own before then, but we'll see. It all seems so surreal and I don't even know what to think or how to feel right now. I'm very anxious and nervous about labor, excited to finally see them, and especially excited for Dan to finally get to hold them.

We go for another non-stress test this afternoon, which is basically me laying on a hospital bed with a bunch of goo on my stomach so they can monitor the boys' heartbeats. It will be my big outing for the day. LOL :)

I'm very curious as to how the cats are going to react when we bring the boys home. Melvin will probably sulk in a corner for a week or so...he's very needy. Miss Chloe is a very curious cat, so she'll probably be all about sniffing them and trying to compete for lap time. Hopefully it won't take long for both of them to adjust. It will definitely be a new adventure for all of us!

Keep your positive thoughts and prayers coming!!


Kim said...

You're still hanging in there! :) Everyday I check your blog waiting to see if there is any news. Good luck with the stress test. Those boys will be here before you know it!

G&D said...

Hope the NST visit went well!!

~Valentina~ said...

Hi! I have been reading your blog the last months but never comment before ;) I think is ADORABLE you’re having twins. Don’t worry you’ll see and hug your babies soon.


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