Wednesday, May 21, 2008

{last night}

More contractions starting at 7:30
Go to the hospital at 10:30
Seriously major back pain like I've never felt before
Uncomfortable examinations
A shot of morphine that was like heaven
My first IV...not so bad
Passed out until 6 am with Dan in a chair next to me
Contractions slowed and not dilated
Sent back home...


Kim said...

Awww man. You've just got to be ready to deliver these babies. I'll keep sending you some happy, relaxing vibes. Hang in there.

angiesparkles said...

sending you best wishes, Mandy!

morganzmommy said...

Hi Mandy -- best wishes and prayers for you and your new babies! i'm a fairly new blogger and found you on here as a fellow fundraiser in education - and also noticed that we share the same anniversary date! i'm also mommy to a two-year old daughter; feel free to check out my blog and drop me a line if you'd like to chat.


melissa said...

oh man! well im sending you lots of ((hugs)) ((prayers)) and best wishes


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