Sunday, May 11, 2008

{Mother's Day *love*}

This weekend was full of lots of love for the moms in my life...and strangely enough this year it included me! :) Yesterday we spent most of the afternoon at the park for Dan's cousin's little boy's first birthday. The weather was great and he was adorable as usual. I wasn't going to go, but after I realized that I could just sit the entire time I decided to get dressed and get out of the house. I'm so glad I was a lot of fun.

Look at how cute he is in his little crown! Happy Birthday Gavin! :)

That evening my parents came over for awhile and my Mom and I exchanged gifts. I got her a silver baby cup charm for her charm bracelet and she got me the cutest necklace...a silver heart pendant with two sets of little footprints on it. Perfect! She also brought a very sweet card from my sister. It was so strange to be getting mother's day gifts!

Today the weather has been horrendous...raining all day...but it was perfect to stay inside and be lazy with the hubby. He gave me the sweetest card and a necklace to represent our two boys. It is a silver pea pod with two little pearl peas nestled inside. I just love it. :)

Dan's mom came over later this afternoon for a visit and so we could give her her gift. I found her an adorable necklace on Etsy with four little pearl "eggs" in a silver nest to represent her four grandchildren. I forgot to get a picture of her with it though...doh! Here's the photo of it from Etsy--->

I just noticed that everyone's gifts this year were silver jewelry...not a bad theme to continue in my opinion. :)

On a random note, Dan and I watched "Walk Hard" tonight...what a strange movie. The first hour or so was oddly funny and entertaining, but by the 2nd half I was asleep. That kind of humor can't keep my attention for very long.

Hope everyone has had a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day to all my mommy friends out there!!


jannypie said...

that nest necklace is so pretty!

G&D said...

Beautiful gifts, MB!


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