Sunday, May 04, 2008


Well, it was a good thing that Dan got my hospital bag together yesterday (and put the swing and bouncer together), because we made our first trip to labor and delivery last night! Around 9:20 I started getting contractions and they kept coming every 5 minutes, so around 10:30 I called the doctor and they told me to go to the hospital. Wow I've never been so nervous in my life! On the ride there Dan and I were holding hands and I was shaking uncontrollably. Once we got there I calmed down quite a bit. The nurses were so nice. It took them forever to find the boys' separate heartbeats which started to get comical. Plus, my stomach is such a hard ball that they couldn't get the monitors to stay on.

At first we thought we would be there for at least 24 hours, but they were able to give me a shot of medication to relax my uterus and it worked, so we were out of there by about 1:30 this morning. We're just praying that they will stay put for at least another week. 36 weeks would be ideal. Now I'm scared to move around too much because I don't want to cause the contractions to start again. I guess I should enjoy my last week or so of being a total couch potato. :)

Dan's mom is bringing over a big meal today for Dan's birthday so we're both looking forward to that. I was actually a little disappointed in the hospital last night that I might have to miss it. LOL :) (although those ice chips they gave me were quite delicious.)

So now we just wait and see how long these babies are going to stay inside. Any prayers you would like to send my way would be greatly appreciated!

Oh...Dan also got the dresser finished for the nursery. We love it! Their little socks look so small in the drawer! :)

See my belly in the corner? LOL :)


Mandie Lane said...

Mandy- WOW! I had no idea you were expecting twins!! That is so exciting. And 2 little guys will be so much fun, they'll have a built in buddy (and trouble making cohort, right?) I'm very happy for you.

I'll pray for you and the babies, and hope they stay put at least another week! Take care, I'll be checking back for updates!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow!!! I've got butterflies just thinking about you guys. You're really getting there! Exciting!

becoming-home said...

OMG, so much excitement! I hope they stay put for another week..

The dresser looks great, now I'm even more excited to put ours together..

G&D said...

I'm so excited for you Mandy! I hope the boys stay in a little longer, but I can't wait to meet them! And tell Dan great job on the dresser--it looks perfect!

fioretta said...

Hey there, it's been awhile since I checked your blog... how exciting that it's getting so close, but I agree, they need to sit tight for a little longer! :)

Kim said...

Prayers going your way for those babies to stay put for another week. I'm so excited for you and check daily to see if there are any additions to your family. :)
Enjoy being that couch potato.


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