Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Went to L&D again last night...contractions were coming for 3 hours so we thought it was better to be safe than sorry. Of course they gave me a shot and within 30 minutes the contractions had stopped so back home we went. I'm still having them randomly but hoping we don't have to do that again, especially in the middle of the night. I'm also having pain in my left arm which is odd. The nurse last night told me that it is probably being caused by the babies pushing on a nerve.

So this morning I'm emotional, tired, frustrated and anxious. Wondering what is going to happen next and hoping that I won't have another episode like this until the real thing. I'd appreciate all the prayers you could send my way!


TileGirl said...

Hang in there, Mandy. I keep checking back at your blog to see how things are going and if your babies have arrived yet. I have had 3 friends have babies in the last 3 months (one just this week) so I have babies on the brain and I keep thinking about you waiting for your babies to arrive. (sorry if I seem like a stalker...I'm really not.)

The pain in your arm is kinda annoying, isn't it? I had a lot of pain/falling asleep in my hands and arms the last 2 weeks of my pregnancy. I went 2 weeks past my due date! In the middle of summer! Hot, hot, hot! My doctor said the same thing about the pain, pressure on the nerves/poor blood circulation. So nothing to worry about, just annoying.

Well, here's hoping that the next trip to L&D is the real deal.

Good Luck!

Shalay said...

Good luck! I'll keep you in my thoughts and send you good vibes in hopes of not having any more false labor! Hang in there, this will all be over before you know it!

Kim said...

Prayers and good vibes coming your way. I know the last few weeks are overwhelming but soon enough you get to hold NOT ONE, BUT TWO bundles of Joy. Take it easy and I'll be checking back on your blog to see how you are doing. :)


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