Monday, December 07, 2009

{double your pleasure}

Of course having twins means that when you buy something for them, you almost always buy two. We've tried for the most part to let the boys have their own identities and that has meant not dressing them in matching clothing. They have been so different from day one that dressing them the same just seemed odd to us.

But when we went to buy them winter coats, Dan actually wanted to get them the same one, which I was fine with - especially because the coat we picked out is my two favorite colors - green and brown. They look so cute all bundled up and the boys actually enjoy wearing them too! (they also like wearing shoes...funny little men they are.)

Landon dutifully posing for the camera...that face just owns me!

Proud boy by you.

Ben isn't quite as excited as daddy is...

I think Dad is a little more excited about Ben's new coat by you.

And because we don't have nearly enough patience to wait until Christmas, we gave the boys their matching beanbag chairs over the weekend. They seem to like them and it cuts back on their daredevil sofa climbing tricks, so it was well worth our impatience. And hopefully since they are exactly alike there won't be any fighting over who sits in which one...fingers crossed.

Watching Sid in their new chairs by you.

How cute is that?!

Happy Monday friends - I left the house this morning to our first snow of the season! Bring on the hot chocolate!

Oh, and don't forget to enter my holiday garland giveaway! You have until midnight on Tuesday!


Shannon Heis said...

Mandy where did you find those beanbag chairs? They are just so cute! We want to get a couple for Zach and Lizzy.

CZ said...

Mercy they are cute! They look so grown up in their little chairs!

Carla said...

They are adorable!! Love their jackets and their chairs!


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