Friday, December 18, 2009

{play time}

The other night the boys were playing peek-a-boo over the back of the couch and had each other cracking up!

102_5301 by you.

102_5299 by you.

102_5300 by you.

102_5305 by you.

102_5303 by you.

102_5302 by you.

It is so fun to watch the boys play together and interact with each other. They sure do love being brothers!

102_5298 by you.

And Landon was wearing my scarf - doesn't he look festive? :)

102_5304 by you.

Happy Friday friends! Only 1 week 'til Christmas!!!

1 comment:

CZ said...

SO adorable. Auntie can't wait to snuggle the munchkins! I thought that scarf looked familiar1


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